While the numbers were few and the challenges were many in the early years, the faith and determination of those men (and many others) did not allow this great endeavor to fail.  Through the years, as the Lectureship gradually grew and became more organized and functional, it leadership baton was passed along to the hands of several committed men, including W.C. Edwards, Warren Blakney, David Penn, Lovell Hayes, Larry Johnson, and recently appointed Cleavon Matthews, who all have served terms as Chairman of the Lectureship. 

As the Lectureship grew in membership, it developed into its current organizational structure consisting of an Executive Committee (Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary) and a 6-member Advisory Board of “seasoned” ministers.  The Lectureship has also expanded to include the current states of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee and Michigan.  Due to its expansion, it is now known as the Midwest Lectureship.  The Lectureship is currently going through a restructuring with the goal of improving its quality and quantity.  

The Midwest Lectureship is an amazing experience that has proven to be a great source of encouragement to all who have attended.  It has a rich history and a bright future.

The Midwest Lectureship was born out of the vision of a few preachers who saw the need to encourage saints in the tri-state area of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.  The late Bro. William Baker, formerly the minister of the Newburg church of Christ in Louisville, Kentucky, the late Bro. Samuel Jordan, formerly the minister of the Sheldon Heights church of Christ in Chicago, Bro. Mayo Towles, the minister emeritus of the Jasper Street church of Christ in Decatur, Illinois, Bro. Ralph Smith, the current minister of the Centreville church of Christ in East St. Louis, Illinois, Bro. David Perkins, current minister of the College Avenue church of Christ in Indianapolis and a few others came together in Louisville in 1976 to discuss the formation of the (then) Tri-State Lectureship.  The primary purpose was to encourage and build up Christians in that area who otherwise were not able to get such encouragement due to their inability to attend National Lectureships.



2018   Nathaniel Cobb

​2017   Leonardo D. Gilbert 

2016   Larry Johnson
2015   James Thompson
2014   Franklin Florence
2013   David Penn
2012   Terry Atwater
2011   Howard Anderson
2010   Daniel Harrison
2009   Lovell Hayes
2008   Dallas Walker
2007   Richard Rose
2006   Ralph Smith
2005   David Perkins
2004   Robert Palmore
2003   William Jones
2002   Jim Miller
2001   Mayo Towles
2000   Robert Hughes
1999    Robert Woods
1998    John Wright
1997    Louis Tyson
1996    A.J. Lyons
1995    Jules Hutton
1994    Samuel Jordan
1993    Duel Ghant Sr.
1992    Leroy Durley
1991    William Baker
1990    B.T. Martin
1989    G.P. Holt

Past Honorees

The Midwest Lectureship convenes each year on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the third week of October.  Sermons, Open Forums and Workshops are conducted and designed for the growth, edification and encouragement of Christians who attend.  The goal is to provide a forum where Christians of all ages can learn, study, and be uplifted.

An annual Chairman's lunch meeting is held on Friday during the Lectureship to provide information to the attendees and solicit suggestion for improvement of the Lectureship.  In addition, each year we honor a seasoned minister for his "work sake"; it is the highlight of our formal banquet.  

Executive Board

Cleavon Matthews, Chairman, Dayton, OH

Leonardo D. Gilbert,

Vice Chair, Chicago, IL
Steven Thompson,
Secretary, Milwaukee, WI
Terry Atwater 

Treasurer, Waukegan, IL

Advisory Board

Franklin Florence 
Harvey, IL

Jeremy Flowers Cincinnati, OH

Oscar Middlebrook, Indy, IN
Roy K. Morgan 
St. Louis, MO
David Perkins 
Indianapolis, IN
Dallas Walker 
Detroit, MI

Chairman Emeritus

Larry Johnson, Bloomington, IL